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"Pure Beeswax" Hand Poured Soy Candle

Pluff Mud Mercantile Candles

"Pure Beeswax" Hand Poured Soy Candle

$ 38.00

"Pure Beeswax" The light natural scent of honey from 100% pure beeswax. Our hand poured candles are made with love. This all natural beewax candle has a cotton wick and is poured in a ceramic vessel that can be re-filled, re-used, or re-purposed. 12oz.

Benefits of pure beeswax candles: 

Beeswax is natural and renewable. Beeswax is the only wax that has the potential to clean and purify the air when burned.  The light emitted from beeswax candles is within the same light spectrum of the sun. Beeswax also emits negative ions which clean the air, reduce allergens, and have the positive effects to the body as some people experience an uplift in mood.  Beeswax burns longer, drips less, and smells wonderful, naturally.

In addition, for centuries beeswax candles were used in ceremonies, and rituals due to their pureness. 

Hypo-allergenic, beeswax candles benefit those with environmental allergies, sensitivities, and asthma. Paraffin candles are to be avoided by those with allergies or asthma conditions.


Ideas on how to use candles to reduce stress:

Think of something that makes you happy - light a candle and visualize your happy thought on every level what would it feel like to have that in your life, Feel the gratitude for all of these things as you breathe deeply.
Gratitude for everything in life with no judgement - light a candle and give thanks for something you already have, you may not realize just how much you have right now, this world is always driving us to have "stuff" we forget we already have much to be grateful for

Removal of things that you don't want ie stress - Look into your candle and think about what is making you feel the way you do, every time you breathe out feel that stress leaving your body and the flame burning that which you do not need or want anymore away from you, then blow or put out the candle

In addition, as an extension to the above visualization you can add on the following
when your ready after breathing out, when you breath in feel the warmth of the candle flame re energizing your being, once finished put out the candle


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