Radical Exhale Experiences

What If?

You could stop all of the busy-ness for a little while? 

What if instead of checking off yet another “to do” or appointment on the calendar…

You stopped for a few moments.

To take a deep breath and let out a long, slow exhale.

What if you did that in a community of others also needing a respite away from the hurried duties of life?
radical: very different from the usual or traditional 

In today’s productivity-addicted society, going against the norm to give yourself a recharge is truly a radical act.

That’s why Pluff Mud Mercantile founder Gina Moore has collaborated with artist, Pamela Cisneros to bring you Radical Exhale.

Our goal is to offer you an invitation to escape all the doing to just “be”… together. In a safe and welcoming space.  A couple times a month.

To come exactly as you are. No need for special yoga pants. Or cool hair. No need to be ‘fixed’ or ‘optimized’. Just YOU. In all of your messy, imperfect, perfectly human glory.

Let us be your guide for just a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. To experience of slowing down, joining together and loving ourselves.

To come together with others to explore new and old ways of caring for ourselves. Ways to feel deep rest and connection and joy.

To support each other in saying “NO!” to all of the busy-ness for a little bit.

To give ourselves permission to say “YES!!!” to simply being ourselves and taking a great big radical exhale. Together…