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Jamailah Olive Wood

Olive Wood Salad/Charcuterie Cutting Board

$ 39.95

Jamailah  Olive Wood Salad Charcuterie Board

We are excited to announce the new addition to our makers products Jamailah Olive Woods products and Brie Ross. Originally from Switzerland and now living in Charleston Brie has brought these wonderful handcrafted products to Charleston as home. The wood makes a trek from the olive farms to Switzerland where it is turned into functional kitchen utensils,then across the ocean to Charleston for the final finish work, sanding and oiling. The oil brings out the vibrant color and grain of the wood for each piece.

The olive tree and olive wood has quite a history that we will touch on a little here. Olive trees are cultivated, pruned and cared for, they are also protected, so the wood for these products is from cuttings of the trees, not killing the tree for the wood. Trees are not cut down, but pruned and dead branches cut away so the olive trees can produce fruit in a healthy way. Thus, there are only small pieces of wood and limited supply is available. Each piece has its unique grain and tells a story. The olive tree has both a religious and sentimental significance to all nations and all religions. It also symbolizes our own need to prune away our dead parts so that we may be vibrant and healthy. Olive trees are considered sacred in the Holy Land and are planted as a way of connecting to the land and being a symbol of peace in spite of the struggle. The olive branch has long served as this symbol for centuries, and the olive tree is a symbol of peace, beauty, longevity, and healing. We are proud to offer this olive wood artistry and history. May one of these adorn your home or be gifted as a reminder to these wonderful qualities for you and yours.

From a functional standpoint, thanks to it's solid and sturdy surface, no scratches are created when you cut on an olive wood board. This makes olive wood cutting boards very hygienic. Olive wood retains its beauty when washed by hand. Simply rub your kitchen item with olive oil, and you will be surprised how wonderful the colors come back to life.

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