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R & R Acres

Local Honey from the Beekeeper - 4oz. - 2.5 lb.

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R and R Acres is a small, family owned Apiary in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. They love the mix of pine trees and palm trees and enjoy southern living. The bees seem to like it too. They love to buzz about the farm and see what is good to collect. They do keep their bees on a variety of local farms. This gives the bees a wide range to forage and help them find the nutrition they need. This also benifits our own health as the honey we eat is a blend of all the pollens of the lowcountry. During the spring, they sell the bees in nucleus colonies and during the Spring and Summer, weather permitting, they will also have locally bred queens available.

The Beekeeper and artisan of the honey: Rebecca Bills,MSN, RN, Journeyman Beekeeper.

Rebecca started at a young age with the love of animals. Through the years, the animals may have changed, but the idea has not. Give the animals what they need and you can avoid most needs for medications. Bees are very similar, we manage them carefully to avoid problems with a healthier, stronger bee.

Her other passion is nursing. Rebecca has been a nurse for over 10 years in a variety of specialties. Knowing the effects of healthy choices, mixed with her love of animal husbandry, Rebecca carefully creates the honey for her family as well as yours.


R & R Acres harvests honey straight from their bees. They do not add chemicals, water, or heat the honey. It is as natural as you can get. Their supply is seasonal. When we run out, it is gone until next year. They only sell their own honey so we can ensure that the honey is natural and of top quality

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