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COVID-19 Operations

Hello Neighbors,

In light of the situation with Covid-19 we have adjusted our operating procedures to comply with the City of Charleston's efforts to slow the spread of the virus. It is our goal to serve the community with the "essential" needs to stay safe and healthy during this time. We consider your cleaning, wellness, and food items to be "essential" and have increased production of liquid soap & our new economy bar soap to meet this need.  Hand washing is still the greatest effective tool for slowing the virus down. Starting Monday March 30, we will remain open to serve you for curbside pick up  during the hours of 1-3 pm and offer local touch free delivery.  Please place any orders in advance so we may schedule our deliveries.

In addition we are adding more products and options to our online store so you can shop from the comfort of your home for essential or non essential items. We will ship, deliver, or you can pick up at the store during our designated times, just select the option at check out. To reach us you may message via social media, leave a message at the store or call our direct number at 843-603-4447. Our in store sanitizing and cleaning practices within the store are ongoing and in compliance with SCDA and CDC guidelines. We have increased frequency of sanitizing, hand hand washing and wear gloves at all times while in the store. Changing and disposing of gloves frequently. I personally will be the one in the store serving you.

For additional facts on soap and hand washing facts you may find detailed information here:

What are some other things we are doing to better assist you and provide the products like soap to help keep you healthy? We are bringing back the days of the milk man, but with soap. We have initiated a soap delivery service to the 29414 & 29407 service areas for our liquid and bar soap. Our liquid soap is a castile soap which is an all purpose soap for anything from hand washing, to cleaning. It's tough enough to do the job without over drying the skin. You can also change the dilution and add it with water to a spray bottle for multi purpose cleaning. 

If you're looking for a little quarantine self care love & humor. Check out our new self care kits which are shipped directly to your or your gift recipients door with free shipping.


Let's support one another resist the urge for negativity, fear and panic. One of the best things we can do for our immune system and to remain healthy is to stay calm and positive. Use this time for self care, self reflection, meditation, a calming bath, lighting a candle, laughing, dancing, playing or anything else that brings you joy!

We are grateful for your support during this time and are here to serve you.