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Cape Romain Foods

Jerusalem Artichoke Relish ~ Cape Romain Foods

$ 14.95

Local Made Jerusalem Artichoke Relish 16 oz.

Meet the Maker ~ 
Cape Romain Foods -  Pam McConnell, Jerusalem Artichoke Relish
In the sleepy little town of McClellanville an old family recipe of Jerusalem Artichoke Relish has been handcrafted for years.This family recipe has now been canned for the rest of the world to enjoy. Pam McConnell lives along the waters near Cape Romain, and affectionately has named her company Cape Romain Foods. Jerasalem Artichokes, or also called Sunchokes are not your typical artichoke. They are a tubular vegetable resembling something like a yam. All the ingredients are hand chopped and prepared in small batches in a commercial kitchen. The love and work that goes into each jar is experienced through the wonderful taste of the final relish it becomes. Jerusalem Artichokes have long be touted for their health benefits. Here are some things they are known for:

  • Sunchokes can help to lower blood pressure. ...
  • Sunchokes are high in potassium. ...
  • Eating sunchokes can decrease blood cholesterol. ...
  • One cup of sunchokes provides you with a quarter of your daily iron! ...
  • Sunchokes are high in protein.
  • Sunchokes have a prebiotic effect
  • Sunchokes can assist with blood formation and glucose levels.
  • Sunchokes can help boost the immune system.
We carry the relish in the store in 16oz. jars $14.95 Retail
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