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Palmetto Beaded Necklace 36” - Pluff Mud Mercantile

Teal Moon Designs

Palmetto Beaded Necklace 36”

$ 68.00

Handcrafted Palmetto beaded necklace. Made in Charleston, SC. 

34” Indigo Beads, steel crafted weathered palmetto  

about this creation...

The Palmetto tree is a long-standing part of S.C. History. It was chosen for the state flag due to the strength and resilience that it signifies. During historic battles it was found that cannon balls would bounce off  the fort walls  that were made out of the palmetto trees that grew in the area. If you have every seen a palmetto tree in a storm it will stand tall and bend with the winds. Where other trees like pines and oaks will snap ore be completely uprooted. The flexibility of the palmetto can be a great symbol for use to remember in weathering the storms and battles of life. As the winds and rains may blow, bend and flex with it and know that when under battle we are protected and the shots fired will bounce off of us.

Available in different bead colors. Indigo beads shown in photo.

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