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Oyster Shell Pineapple

White Cotton Crafts

Oyster Shell Pineapple

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Pineapples are a historic symbol of hospitality in Charleston. They are also known as a global symbol of hello or welcome. One of our local makers has expanded on the pineapple made from local oyster shells.
A little about pineapple history...
In the colonial days, Charleston was a shipping town, as it has a large waterfront. There were many sailors and their families living in the city, and the return of sailors was celebrated among family and friends. When a captain returned home from a voyage, they would spear a pineapple on their fence post to let their friends and neighbors know that they had returned home safely. This was also a sign that a celebration would happen that night. Friends and family would share dinner and drinks on these nights to hear the sailor’s stories of pirates, adventures and new lands. The sailors’ hospitality with their neighbors and friends is why the pineapple is a symbol of welcome.

Pineapples in Charleston are found throughout the city in the shape of fountains, stone carvings outside houses and parks, as well as in various other forms. The most iconic of these structures in Charleston is The Pineapple Fountain, which is found in the Charleston Waterfront Park. With the rich history of pineapples as a sign of Southern Hospitality they make a perfect gift or addition to any home.

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