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Teal Moon Designs

Firefly Beaded Necklace 36”

$ 68.00

Handcrafted firefly beaded necklace. Made in Charleston, SC. Enjoy the magical wonder of fireflies in a necklace.

34” Indigo Beads, steel crafted weathered firefly 

about this custom creation...

Blue Skies & began with a T-shirt design which was one of the first for the store when we opened. Fireflies have always been a love of mine! Since we have been collaborating with Firefly Distillery on some new products, they are back in the forefront of our minds. This beauty is a necklace jewelry creation of Brenda with Teal Moon Designs. It is displayed atop our new Indigo hand dyed silk scarves and the combos of blues are beautiful!  Did I mention that I love indigo as well? I even named my car after it! Fireflies are magical to me and remind me of miracles. Their light is inspiring. A small insect with such a bright Light. A great reminder for us now to focus on the Light and not the darkness. The saying “Blue Skies & Fireflies” came out of that T-shirt that I designed when the store first opened . Its message was to always see the sun shining and the bright blue sky. “Blue Skies and Fireflies is a way of living in gratitude and appreciation of all things loving, simple and natural. Blue Skies evoke a sense gratitude and happiness, sunshine and joy, while Fireflies excite a sense of wonder, like that of a child and the belief in miracles. A reminder of the Light in the darkness and our Light within. In flying it’s important to have clear weather and blue skies which mean no turbulence. Blue skies mean smooth sailing and easy flying. So may all your days be "Blue Skies and Fireflies" kind of days. Smoother sailing and flying high! May you always have peace and blue skies

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